5 Best Japanese Used Car Exporters in 2024

Japanese cars have their own dominance in the automotive world and its lovers are present all over the world. Toyota and Honda are all famous for their affordability, riding quality, and low cost. Japanese cars are also famous for their tuning and engine configuration settings. These cars are tuned for better road presence in the USA and UK according to the prevailing driving conditions. Such cars are not usually sold at a higher price, but they offer a decent amount to their customers. Let’s read about the top 5 Best Japanese Used Car Exporters in 2024.

Japanese automakers have been exporting their cars to other countries for a century. Some dealerships also exported used cars to third-party buyers. It can be a bit challenging to buy a used car from the exporters, but the thing is to know where to buy the right car and make the right decision. Let us not worry because we have tried to cover the list of top used cars sellers from Japan that have access to or a license to export used cars from Japan.

Best Japanese Used Car Exporters

1. Royal Trading

If you are a resident or not a resident of Japan and want to own a second-hand car, you can seek a reliable used car on Royal Trading. Royal Trading is one of the Best Japanese Used Car Exporters. It offers the best deals on used automotive vehicles. This organization prioritizes the sale of used automobiles such as two-wheelers, four-wheelers, pickup trucks, and commercial vehicles and offers a varied range of used automobiles in the finest conditions available. It also offers some additional packages depending on the selection of various trim levels. Royal Trading is one of the leading used vehicle acquisition franchises in Japan. If you log on to their website, they can offer you a large number of Japanese used cars at a budget price segment. Royal Trading was founded in 1987, and its headquarters are in Koyaminami, Matsumoto, and Nagano, Japan.

Official Website: https://www.royal-trading.jp/

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2. SBT Global

SBT Global was founded in 1993 in Yokohama, Japan. The main objective of the firm was to provide finest and most superior automotive service experience to the customers. They are the largest Japanese automotive cars parts exporters. The company was founded by Inami Taro who is currently the CEO and the President of SBT Global. They export their products to various parts of Africa, Europe, South America and the Middle East. SBT Global has managed to build 30 offices across the nations to connect globally with professionalism. SBT Global exports many magnificent race cars to all veterans. They have good teamwork which is one of the leading factors of their success and achievements.

Official Website: https://www.sbtjapan.com/fr/company-profile/

3. Nikkyo

Nikkyo is the online website for used car exporters in Japan. The website generally has good quality looking sporty JDM but with few employees are operating under more than five countries. Nikkyo Japan especially earns by auctioning old heritage vehicles at auctions. They had been exporting automotive components for over two decades. They have strong customer networking in Africa and Europe. Nikkyo also tries to connect each and every drop of customer satisfaction. They always tried to provide best-in-class facilities and grow better networking. The main operations of Nikkyo are to rent cars, take requested cars at auction, leasing companies and much more. It was founded in 1995 and is situated in Ikebukuro 2-65-3, Japan.

Official Website: https://www.nikkyocars.com/

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4. Autorec Enterprise Ltd

Autorec is one of the oldest and most prominent used car automobile export companies in Japan. They are one of the most reputed car exporters and are known for their excellence in detailing and refurbishing of the vehicles to meet the customers expectations. Furthermore, the websites offer top daily discount deals on different cars to sell. They aslo have their service stations but are currently available of the African market only. Here, the customer can choose a variety of vehicles to choose from much larger option available. Autorec Enterprise Ltd was founded in 1977 and is situated at Yatomi-city near Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Official Website: https://www.autorec.co.jp/

5. Be Forward

Be Forward is one of the newest used car exporters in Japan and also considered among the Best Japanese Used Car Exporters. This website invested in less than a decade and is still not able to improve its client’s calls. This is one of the first companies in Japan that offers online transactions and billing used to shop for car accessories. The main motive of Be Forward is to move with pride under difficult market circumstances where failures and risks will happen but the positive approach will always lead the firm ahead rather than behind. Their website ranks 15th after Google and Yahoo. The firm was founded in 2004 by Hironori Yamakawa in Tokyo. They are masters in providing spare parts for damaged vehicles exclusively before authorized dealerships. Some offices are also present in the other parts of the world.

Official Website: https://www.beforward.jp/

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