Robert Kiyosaki Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024

Robert Kiyosaki is a Japanese-American entrepreneur and the founder of the Rich Dad Company. However, Kiyosaki is famous for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and has written around 26 books in his career till now. In addition to that, he has been a part of many controversies due to his company in Canada. Robert began his business career in the year 1997. Before that, he used to work as a sales associate at Xerox in the year 1978. Read further to learn about Robert Kiyosaki Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2024

As per the reports and sources, Robert Kiyosaki has an estimated net worth of around $100 million as of 2024. He is involved in the creation of Cashflow board and software games that is used to educate people about financial and business concepts in real life. As of 2024, he has been the author of more than 26 books, which has been translated into 51 different languages and sold over 41 million copies.

Robert Kiyosaki Car Collection in 2024

1. Lavish Black Rolls Royce Dawn

The most expensive car in Robert Kiyosaki car collection is Rolls Royce Dawn. This four-seater automobile has a convertible body type and a lavish interior design that people crave. With a horsepower of 563 rpm, this beast has a range of 390 miles. On top of that, Rolls Royce Dawn has an anti-lock braking system as well which works wonders at the time inopportune moments. It has everything to make the ride a memorable experience with a top speed of 155 mph.

CarRolls Royce Dawn
Engine6.6L V12
Torque780 Nm
Top Speed155 mph

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2. Agile Ferrari 458

The next in the garage is the Ferrari 458 and that too in yellow colour which signifies happiness and hope. Though it is a two-seater automobile, it has quite a good number of cylinders, that is, 8. With a multi-function steering wheel, it has a maximum torque of 540 Nm which enhances the effectiveness of the four-wheeler. One would die for a Ferrari 458 as it has many amazing features like a 4.5L V8 gas engine, coupe body type, aluminium wheels and many more.

CarFerrari 458
Engine4.5L V8
Torque540 Nm
Top Speed202 mph

3. Mercedes G63 AMG

Initially designed as a military off-roader, the Mercedes G63 AMG is a combination of technical superiority and lavish interior design. With an amazing 850 Nm torque, the four-wheeler has a 4L V8 biturbo engine that makes the ride easy and memorable. Moreover, G63 AMG is present in the market in various beaming colours to grab the attention of people around. In addition to that, this beast produces around 576 horsepower and five people can comfortably sit in this car.  

CarMercedes AMG G63
Engine4L V8
Torque850 Nm
Top Speed137 mph

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4. Cadillac Escalade

This is another luxurious beast in the garage of Robert Kiyosaki that comes with a 6.2L V8 engine that produces a horsepower of 750. The company claims it to be the most powerful full-size SUV in the industry. Cadillac Escalade ranks 3rd on the list of Best Full-Size Luxury SUVs. The starting price is $86,000 which only elite class people can afford. However, one can get such cars in sale as well.

CarCadillac Escalade
Engine6.2L V8
Torque885 Nm
Top Speed125 mph

5. Ferrari 599 GTO

Though Ferrari 599 GTO is an old model launched in the year 2010, one cannot question its performance till now. The top speed of the four-wheeler is 208 mph which is still more than a few cars in the industry. With a maximum torque of 620 Nm, Ferrari 599 GTO is famous for its acceleration. Moreover, the production of this model was only limited to the number 599. Therefore, Robert Kiyosaki is one of those to own this car in his garage.

CarFerrari 599 GTO
Engine6L V12
Torque620 Nm
Top Speed208 mph

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