Kanye West Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024

Kanye West is a famous American who started as a producer and became a successful rapper and fashion designer. His first solo album, “The College Dropout,” was a big hit in 2004. Kanye West is not just into music; he’s also famous for his fashion. In 2015, he started his own clothing line called Yeezy, and it is now one of the most popular celebrity fashion brands globally. He teamed up with Adidas to create cool and in-demand sneakers, and he even designs merchandise for his music tours. However, in 2022, he faced criticism for controversial actions during his YEEZY show in Paris, where he and models wore shirts with “White Lives Matter.” His anti-Semitic comments on Twitter lead to his accounts being locked and content to be removed. Read further to know about Kanye West Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024.

Kanye West Net Worth in 2024

Kanye West’s net worth is estimated to be at 400 million USD. However, in 2023, news came out that Kanye West’s collaborations with Adidas and Gap were ended, and this had a big effect on his billionaire status. His deal with Adidas was thought to be worth $1.5 billion, and when that ended, his overall wealth took a hit.

Kanye West Car Collection in 2024

Kanye West really likes cars and has quite a collection, including a Lamborghini and a Bugatti. His whole car collection is worth $7 million. He especially loves his customized BAC Mono, which he calls the “YeMobile.” Most valuable cars in Kanye West Car Collection in 2024 are:

1) Bugatti Veyron

Kanye West had a special Bugatti Veyron in 2008, known as the FBG Hermes trim. It is a fancy edition of the Veyron. Apart from being a powerful turbocharged car, Kanye also owns a red Veyron. Inside, it’s super luxurious with comfy heated seats and safety features. The Hermes trim has a huge 8-liter engine with four turbochargers, giving it 1001 horsepower and 1180 Nm of torque. Also, it can go from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 249 mph. Also Read: Pamela Anderson Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024

Bugatti VeyronSpecs
Engine8.0L, Quad Turbocharged W16
Power1001 HP
Torque1180 Nm
Top Speed249 MPH
Acceleration2.6 secs

2) Prombron Red Diamond

Kanye West has a really special car called the Prombron Red Diamond, known as the world’s most luxurious armored car. It’s fancy, painted ruby red with carbon fiber details, and the inside is super premium. Kanye’s unique 2010 model has a powerful 8.1-liter V8 engine, giving it 530 horsepower and 627 Nm of torque. Even though it’s a luxurious SUV, it can go from 0 to 60 in 7.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 124 mph. Let’s dive more into Kanye West Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024.

Prombron Red DiamondSpecs
Engine 8.1L, Naturally Aspirated V8
Power530 HP
Torque627 Nm
Top Speed124 MPH
Acceleration7.9 secs

3) Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

 Kanye West teamed up with legendary companies Mercedes and McLaren to create a super rare car. The 2006 model is called the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. The reason why it is popular is because only a few of them were made. The car has a powerful 5.5-liter V8 engine, giving it 641 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. It can go from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds. In addition to that, it has a top speed of 203 mph. Also Read: Manny Khoshbin Car Collection and Net Worth in 2024

Mercedes Benz SLR McLarenSpecs
Engine 8.1L, Naturally Aspirated V8
Power641 HP
Torque850 Nm
Top Speed230 MPH
Acceleration3.7 secs

4) Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Kanye West has a special 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo coupe. It’s unique because it’s the LP550-2 trim, meaning it has a rear-wheel drive system that helps it handle turns well, even in tough weather. In addition to that, the car has a powerful V10 engine, giving it 550 horsepower and 538 Nm of torque. According to official information, this Lamborghini can go from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 201 mph. However, Kanye’s Gallardo is white and has a cool matte finish.

Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderSpecs
Engine 5.2L, Naturally Aspirated V10
Power550 HP
Torque538 Nm
Top Speed201 MPH
Acceleration3.8 secs

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