Kimberly Loaiza Car Collection 2024

Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martinez, also known as Kimberly Loaiza, is a singer and internet personality. She was born on December 12, 1997, in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, and is currently 26 years old as of 2024. As of November 2024, she is the seventh most-followed user on TikTok. Kimberly started her career as a vlogger on YouTube before entering the music industry. In her entire career, she has produced thirteen songs and been featured in two Mexican television shows. Kim has around 39 million followers on Instagram and 15.9 million subscribers on YouTube. In this article, we will talk about Kimberly Loaiza Car Collection in 2024 and her interest in cars.

Kimberly Loaiza Car Collection in 2024

1) Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the most expensive car in the Kimberly Loaiza car collection as of 2024. The limited edition Ferrari car is powered by a 4.5L turbocharged V8 engine that can generate up to 597 hp of power output and 540 Nm of maximum peak torque. It has the ability to rise from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds and has a maximum top speed of around 188 mph. Also read: Sofia Vergara Car Collection 2024

Car NameFerrari 458 Italia
Engine4.5L V8
Power597 hp
Torque540 Nm
Top Speed188 mph
Acceleration (0-60 mph)6.1 seconds

2) Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan is the fastest car in the collection of Kimberly Loaiza as of 2024. This car is regarded as one of the best sports cars ever produced in the world. The Huracan consists of a 5.2L V10 engine and is priced at $281,048. The car has the ability to generate 600 Nm of maximum peak torque and 630 hp of power output.

Car NameLamborghini Huracan
Engine5.2L V10
Power630 hp
Torque600 Nm
Top Speed202 mph
Acceleration (0-60 mph)3.4 seconds

3) Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is the most common and famous car among the top famous personalities all around the world. This powerful SUV features a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine that can produce 850 Nm of maximum peak torque and 600 hp of power output. It has a maximum top speed of around 137 mph. Related: Billie Eilish Cars Collection 2024

Car NameMercedes-Benz G63 AMG
Engine4.0L Twin Turbo V8
Power600 hp
Torque850 Nm
Top Speed137 mph
Acceleration (0-60 mph)3.4 seconds

4) Mini Cooper S

The lastest addition to the Kimberly Loaiza Car Collection is the Mini Cooper S. This car is a compact mini-car that consists a 2.0L inline-4 engine at a price range of $31,900. The I4 engine can generate 189 hp of power output and 280 Nm of maximum peak torque.

Car NameMini Cooper S
Engine2.0L Inline-4
Power189 hp
Torque280 Nm
Top Speed146 mph
Acceleration (0-60 mph)6.7 seconds

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