Ayrton Senna Car Collection in 2024

Ayrton Senna da Silva, born on March 21, 1960, and passing away on May 1, 1994, was a celebrated Brazilian racing driver renowned for clinching the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991. Among Brazilian Formula One drivers, Senna stands as one of the triumphant three to secure the World Championship title, boasting an impressive tally of 41 Grand Prix victories and 65 pole positions. Commencing his motorsport journey in karting, Senna swiftly ascended to open-wheel racing by 1981. His untimely demise was mourned as a national tragedy by his devoted Brazilian fanbase, prompting three days of national mourning declared by the Brazilian government. Despite his illustrious racing career, Senna also garnered attention for his noteworthy collection of automobiles, a subject of interest for many enthusiasts. Read further to know more about Ayrton Senna Car Collection in 2024.

Ayrton Senna Car Collection in 2024

1). Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti

Car NameAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti
Engine1.2-liter Boxer H4
Power67 HP
Torque66 lb-ft
Top Speed176 MPH

Starting in Ayrton Senna’s garage is the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti, a compact Italian two-door equipped with a powerful boxer engine. Sporting a 1.2-liter Boxer H4 engine, it churns out 67 horsepower and 66 lb-ft of torque. Despite its small size, this machine can achieve an impressive top speed of 176 MPH. Also Read: Mika Hakkinen Car Collection in 2024

2). Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC C126

Car NameMercedes-Benz 500 SEC C126
Engine5.0-liter V8
Power315 HP
Torque347 lb-ft
Top Speed140 MPH

Moving on to the two-door coupe from the late 20th-century S-Class lineup, we have the Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC C126. This model boasts a 5.0-liter V8 engine. Therefore, it delivers 315 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque. With such formidable power under the hood, it can attain a top speed of 140 MPH.

3). Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 Cosworth

Car NameMercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 Cosworth
Engine2.3-liter inline-4
Power185 HP
Torque174 lb-ft
Top Speed143 MPH
Acceleration8.0 secs

Another formidable addition to Ayrton’s garage is the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 Cosworth, featuring a potent 2.3-liter inline-4 engine. However, it generates 185 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque. Accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in under 8 seconds, it boasts an impressive top speed of 143 MPH. Also Read: Nico Rosberg Car Collection in 2024

4). Porsche 911 930

Car NamePorsche 911 930
Engine3.2 liter flat-6 engine
Power234 HP
Torque210 lb-ft
Top Speed150 MPH
Acceleration5.4 secs

In Ayrton’s garage sat the Porsche 911 930, sporting a naturally aspirated flat-six engine. The Cabriolet variant was equipped with a 3.2-liter, air-cooled flat-6 engine, delivering 234 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.4 seconds, achieving a top speed of 150 MPH.

5). Honda NSX

Car NameHonda NSX
Engine3.0-liter naturally aspirated V6
Power270 HP
Torque210 lb-ft
Top Speed162 MPH
Acceleration5.2 secs

In Ayrton’s garage sits the Honda NSX, considered the classiest and most unique. It boasts a first-generation 3.0-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine, delivering 270 HP and 210 lb-ft of torque. Accelerating from 0-60 MPH in 5.2 seconds, it achieves a top speed of 162 MPH. Also Read: Nigel Mansell Car Collection in 2024

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